Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Heritage Pages

Here are a few of the heritage pages I've been working on recently.

Here are my parents with their first baby, Bernard. If you'd like to read the details clicking on the page will enlarge it.

The above pictures are all of my family and I in the 1950s taken in the country in Ireland, except the two on the ferry of course. We would spend a week in the country i.e. Cloneygowan, Offaly at Uncle Tom's cottage and a week in Finglas, Dublin at my Aunt Mag's house. They were magical holidays and the memories we have of them are priceless. We were very lucky to have these holidays at all, money was not plentiful in our house, we were a big family - 8 kids in total. My mother must have been gifted in the household accounts department is all I can think.

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